Comedians Alex Mackenzie and Brad Semotiuk talk for an hour about nothing exciting!


Comedian Alex Mackenzie podcasts with fellow comedians Kim Lee (Adelaide) Darius Davies (Persia) and Leo Kearse (Scotland) This podcast is all over the place and we really lose the flow at the end haha enjoy!


In this episode of ECL Comedian Alex Mackenzie is joined by fellow countryperson Matt Watson as well as the Scottish sensation Roisin Watson. This episode is recorded During the 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival


In this weeks episode of ECL I am joined by fellow Comedians Annisa Belonogoff and Sam Menzies they are comics based out of Sydney Australia!


In this episode of ECL comedian Alex Mackenzie talks about his previous week which included getting Boo’d off stage in Perth, meeting the extremely talented Artist Chris Turner and flying over to the other side of Australia to go visit one of his biggest inspirations Eloise Knees!


Comedian Alex Mackenzie is joined by Estonian based comic Ari Matti!


Comedian Alex Mackenzie is joined by Caleb Campbell who is a comedian based out of Kelowna, BC


Episode number one of comedian Alex Mackenzie’s podcast An Experiment Called Life.