ECL#95 Jasper Day 1 of 14 day water fast

I am starting a 14 day water fast to raise awareness for the Hungry for Laughs Comedy Tour! The Hungry for Laughs Comedy Tour my goal is to sell 1000 tickets during the fast so please tell your friends! Go to www.hungryforlaughs.com to learn more!

ECL#89 Marble Canyon

In this weeks episode of An Experiment Called Life comedian Alex Mackenzie discusses his previous show in 100 Mile BC, his upcoming shows in Kamloops and Oliver. As well as gratitude and reflecting on what he learned from his long weekend off. Enjoy!


In this weeks episode of An Experiment Called Life Comedian Alex Mackenzie talks about wrapping up the Comedy for a Cause Tour. What he has coming up next. The hierarchy of comedy and self producing as well as the lonely road pursuit of chasing a dream!


Stand up Comedian Alex Mackenzie gives an update from the past shows on the weekend, lets you know where he is off to next and talks about a good life lesson he learned from growing up playing hockey